Arcy Douglass - Developer

I have two passions in life: learning new software tools and writing great code.

About Me

My background in design makes me a better coder!

My experience spans the worlds of design, project management and software development. I am currently working as a designer and coder at a company producing decision-support software for military and other analysts. I am part of a small team working on very complex Angular and React projects. As part of my role on the team, I am exposed to a wide variety of technologies, including frontend testing in Selenium, with design patterns in Angular, structuring data in JSON, and even a little bit of Scala. For UX, I regularly leverage libraries such as Material Design and Bootstrap, as well as custom CSS, to create visual solutions for a web app.

Making Connections


Project Overview

Articulating the problem statement around a project so that the scope of work can be clearly defined.


Most of my projects have been on Angular teams but more recently we are using React

CSS Libraries

I use Bootstrap and Angular Material Design as well as custom SASS CSS


Cross browser/ platform testing and UX testing with Selenium

Let's Get In Touch!

If you would like to know more or if you have any questions please contact me.